Port Moody florist swamped with contactless deliveries amid COVID-19

Katarina Szulc / May 15, 2020

Vivio Flower Gallery, Port Moody
(Jeff Hitchcock / Flickr)

As British Columbians continue to take social distancing precautions, visits with loved ones and ways to show appreciation are limited.

With people searching for ways to keep in contact from a distance, Vivio Flower Gallery in Port Moody says business is booming.

“People are ordering flowers to help spread love to their friends and family, for birthdays and funerals. They are using flowers as a way to show appreciation.” -Danielle Cullum, Co-owner of Vivio Flower Gallery

Danielle Cullum, co-owner of Vivio says since introducing contactless delivery, orders have increased by 75%.

Ordering flowers for friends and family is one of the very few ways people can make gestures during the pandemic. 

After nearly all large events such as weddings, birthdays, and funerals were cancelled, Cullum and many other florists were unsure if business would survive.

Contactless delivery sign on Vivio Flower gallery storefront.
(Katarina Szulc / BCIT News)

“After we started getting large events cancelling we thought business would be awful these months, but the community has been really supportive so we feel lucky that we can remain open to help spread positivity and kindness.” -Danielle Cullum, Co-owner of Vivio Flower Gallery

Some clients such as Jillian Dickson, still purchased their orders even after their events were cancelled.

Instead of cancelling her order, Dickson decided to have the flowers delivered to family and friends who would have attended her shower.

Jillian Dickson baby shower e-invitation cover photo.
(Jillian Dickson / Instagram)

“I had actually ordered over fifteen large bouquets for my baby shower and when I realized I would have to cancel I really didn’t want a business to suffer.”-Jillian Dickson, Vivio client

Cullum says curating bouquets during the pandemic for clients like Dickson is significantly more meaningful than usual.

The staff at Vivio are told to make the bouquets as if they are for their own family members.

“Everyone in the flower industry knows that now more than ever flowers are bringing people a lot of joy, and it brings me happiness knowing our business can make someone’s day or week.”-Danielle Cullum, Vivio Flower Gallery Co-owner

With no end in sight to social distancing measures, flower deliveries and no contact acts of kindness are a growing success.

Social distance reminder sign in Vivio Flower Gallery.
(Katarina Szulc / BCIT News)