Pandemic delivery: local pizzeria donates over 450 lunches to local hospitals

Cory Letendre / May 15, 2020

Me-n-Ed’s started sending free pizzas on April 10th
(Cory Letendre / BCIT News)

With orders of 40 pizzas being delivered at a time, Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor has been able to send a big thank you to healthcare workers at Eagle Ridge, Royal Columbian, Langley Memorial and Burnaby General hospitals.

Port Coquitlam’s Me-n-Ed’s has been sending their donations to Eagle Ridge Hospital and plan on sending more within the coming days and weeks.

With so many businesses shut down during the pandemic staff are happy not only for the fact that they can keep working, but that they can show their support to their community and give back.

“They’re heroes to us and it’s a small way to say thank you. We just wanted to help them out for the day and give them lunch.” – Cory Lakusta, Manager

It’s been extremely well received by the hospitals staff as well. Already a stressful job, nurses and doctors have been worn thin by the workload and the air of constant tension.

Something as small as having a lunch ready for them on their break is enough to help relax and forget about everything happening in the world for a minute.

Health care workers appreciate the outpouring of love and support. Not only from everyday people, but from companies like Me-n-Ed’s.

Nurses at Royal Columbian hospital enjoying their own individual pizzas
(Me-n-Ed’s Pizza Parlor)

“It’s nice to know there’s a hot meal waiting for us when we have the time to sit down and actually have a meal. It’s difficult because a lot of us don’t have the time or the energy to run out and cook when we are finished our shifts.” – Frances Hogarth, Nurse

They’ve been able to do this in large part to their local communities who have rallied around them during the Covid-19 pandemic. According he restaurants have seen an uptick of nearly 30% in their takeout and delivery orders, allowing them to remain open even with their dining rooms closed.

Port Coquitlam’s Me-n-Ed’s owner (Brook Scott) was on board with the idea of doing something franchise wide (there are three more locations) as a united front to show their communities they care.

The pizzeria chain teamed up with one of their suppliers, Saputo, who wanted to be involved in the donation as well. Saputo supplied the restaurants with the bocconcini cheese used on the pizzas that were delivered.

“Well it’s something that was kind of an obvious one. The front-line workers are such a critical part of flattening the curve.” – Brook Scott, Owner

As of May 13th, the Port Coquitlam Me-n-Ed’s location has donated over $1500 worth of pizza to Eagle Ridge hospital and combined the four locations have donated over $5000 worth of lunches to local hospital healthcare workers.