How the wedding industry is being affected by COVID-19

Victor Robichaud / May 14, 2020

Alex Siemens and Cody McGill got engaged in June 2019.
(Alex Siemens/ Facebook)

As wedding season begins here in B.C., this one won’t look like it did in years past.

Most weddings are having to be postponed and rescheduled due to COVID-19.

Alex Siemens and Cody McGill had their big day scheduled for July 4, 2020 and have since had to postpone their date until 2021.

“We were so excited and it was so close that we’re at the point that we just want to do it, we don’t want to have to wait another almost full year and a half to have it happen.” – Alex Siemens, Engaged

The Ladner couple had thought about postponing the wedding until late September but decided it would be better to hold off until next summer. The postponement isn’t something either of them was looking forward to. Though the year 2020 doesn’t have any significant meaning to them, they’ve been engaged for about a year, and don’t want to wait too long before tying the knot.

Wedding businesses are being greatly affected by the loss of clients this summer as well. Genève McNally of Dreamgroup weddings + events says that her company has lost one hundred per cent of their business over the coming months.

“The entire events industry is stuck at a stand still.” – Genève McNally, Dreamgroup events + weddings

Jenna Phipps started her business in 2018.
(Our Vows/ Instagram)

Jenna Phipps, who runs her own small wedding business, Our Vows, creating custom vow books, says that she has had to spend this time remaking books for previous customers who have had to reschedule their weddings.

“My online store drastically changed. It probably went down about 75 per cent… I’m also getting a lot of people reach out to me saying they have to redo a lot of their stuff because their dates have changed.” – Jenna Phipps, Wedding business owner

Phipps is in a very similar boat as Siemens and McGill. She has her own wedding to worry about as well as helping her customers with theirs. Her and her fiancé had their date scheduled for August 31, 2020. Though she had always dreamed of having her wedding in 2020, they decided it’s best to reschedule for 2021.

B.C.’s restart plan, which was announced last week, states that there will be no large gathering until a vaccine has been made. There is still no timetable for a vaccine to be made public.

Phipps and her fiancé got engaged in Montréal in December 2019.
(Jenna Phipps/ Instagram)

For businesses such as Dreamgroup weddings + events and Our Vows, they expect to see a large spike in business once a vaccine is created and large gatherings are once again allowed. They hope to see everyone who re-scheduled their weddings from this year to have new dates picked out, as well as those who originally planned for a future date. The businesses hope to survive long enough with the limited business they have now so that they can be there when that spike happens.