Quarantine Love Stories: How one actor is spreading positivity during Covid-19

Yasmin Gandham / May 6, 2020

Ryan Jinn

Ryan Jinn, an actor and director in Vancouver, has started a passion project during quarantine. Jinn is interviewing couples quarantined together about what the experience has been like getting them to have discussions with each other that they wouldn’t normally have. Jinn asks them 17 questions according to a questionnaire allowing the couples to open up and spread positivity during the pandemic.

Graphic created by Yasmin Gandham

Ryan Jinn has starred in various productions including most recently Van Helsing on Netflix. Due to the pandemic he is out of work with productions being completely shut down throughout the lower mainland. He is engaging in other initiatives during this time.

“Couples that I’ve never met before that have heard about me from friends so I am asking these strangers to tell me about the intimate parts of their relationships.” – Ryan Jinn, Actor and Director in Vancouver

Ryan’s passion project, Quarantined in Love, is designed to encourage couples to have conversations they normally wouldn’t. According to Jinn, it can be tough sometimes to be quarantined with loved ones and can have negative affects with couples breaking up more. He wanted this project to encourage couples to share more with each other and also share their journey with the rest of the population. According to ABC News, Financial stress combined with being stuck in the home is also pushing some marriages to a legal and physical breaking point with requests for divorce attorneys on the rise.

“You can see them open up and light up and the looks they give each other. I leave the call feeling really giddy, it’s a warm feeling and that’s kind of what I wanted to spread around to everyone as well.” – Ryan Jinn, Actor and Director in Vancouver

Christina Crivici and Calvin Laveck are one of the couples featured in Jinn’s video and they both emphasized the importance for something like this during the pandemic. They discussed how the questionnaire pushed them to dig deeper in their relationship and talk about things as a couple that they normally wouldn’t.

“I think it’s so important especially during a time like right now that we all see the love in the world and share that with everyone.”

-Christina Crivici, featured in the special with her partner Calvin Laveck

Jinn joins many other actors in Vancouver and around the world who are without work. With productions being halted due to the pandemic, that hasn’t stopped him from pursuing his craft. In addition to interviewing couples in quarantine, Jinn also holds weekly zoom meetings with other actors in Vancouver to practice their skills. They submit scenes, Jinn then casts and sends out scripts to actors who record tapes. The group then watches the tapes and gives feedback via zoom.

Zoom Acting Meeting, courtesy of Ryan Jinn

“Ultimately [projects like these] are not what is just going to push us through but also get us really going when all of this is over.” – Ryan Jinn, Actor and Director in Vancouver

Jinn hopes that focusing on aspects that are bringing people together even though we are quarantined, will lessen isolation and loneliness that can be brought on by the pandemic. His project is not yet complete but he will be sharing it across his social media platforms and perhaps submitting it to the Quarantine Film Festival when it is.