Ghost Restaurants: Striving in a Tough Economy

Matthew Fraser, Luke McGrath, Azzaya Khan, Niqhil Velji / April 17th, 2020

Unlike your typical restaurant, a “ghost restaurant” operates through delivery and pick-up only.

(Matthew Fraser / BCIT News)

What is a “ghost restaurant?”

The restaurant industry continues to generate revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic. Where seats are stacked on tables, the kitchen continues to operate, causing the switch from a dine in service to “ghost restaurants.” A ghost restaurant operates through delivery and pick-up only. The Joseph Richards Group is a local restaurant chain that introduced the idea in 2016, and now for the kitchen industry to keep their doors open, restaurants have been utilizing apps like SkipTheDishes, Uber Eats, and Doordash. In turn, investment bankers continue to project an increase in profits on the public stock exchange for food delivery companies.