For the Record: Parkville homeless living with no support amid a global pandemic

Rebecca Lawrence / April 17 2020

Kelly Morris, an advocate for the homeless living Parksville, B.C.

Kelly Morris / Facebook

Kelly Morris, Parksville advocate for the homleless

Kelly Morris is an advocate for the homeless in the City of Parksville on Vancouver Island. She was once homeless herself and now dedicates her time helping the homeless.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kelly has been trying to get this vulnerable population inside and separated to ensure the coronavirus does not spread throughout the community.

Homeless are not allowed to camp on crown land, forcing them to live on the streets without maintaining physical distance. Kelly says the mayor and council of the small town are not opening any doors to help the homeless during the pandemic.

“They’re all like, ‘Not in my backyard,” but they’re not understanding that if we don’t get these people in right away, then they can spread this if they were to get it.”

The federal government has designated nearly 158 million to help the nation’s homeless during this time, but Kelly says Parksville has not and will not see this money help the homeless.