Canadian Broadway star stays in New York despite COVID-19

Josh Ferrer / April 17, 2020

“Six the Musical” poster on Broadway
(Andrea Macasaet)

On March 12, 2020, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to shut down all of Broadway as the spread of COVID-19 continued to worsen.

As many decided to return to their home country, Canadian Broadway star, Andrea Macasaet decided to stay put in New York.

“I personally feel like I am safer quarantined in my own home in Manhattan than risk travelling – [and] the possibility of jeopardizing the health of my beloved parents, sister and other family members.” – Andrea Macasaet, “Six the Musical” Broadway star.

Macasaet, who is from Winnipeg, has been quarantined in her apartment since March 16 and to keep herself busy and entertained she does a variety of things.

“There are days that I Netflix, nap and snack all day long and there are other days that I yoga, clean and read. – Now is the time to listen to what your mind and body are telling you.” – Andrea Macasaet, “Six the Musical” Broadway star.

Another thing that Macasaet likes to do is connect with her fans on her social media accounts. 

She went “live” on Instagram a couple of times, singing karaoke songs where her fans tuned in and were encouraged to sing along. 

After finding some success, she started a segment called, “Karaoke and Chill.”  

“I’ve started to sing a song a day and post it on my social media platforms. Its called “Karaoke and Chill” – where I sing and you chill.  I do it to feel closer to my family, and to bring some light during a weird dark time in the world.” – Andrea Macasaet, “Six the Musical” Broadway star.

Even though Macasaet is finding ways to keep herself busy in quarantine, she cannot help but to think about how her being alone in New York can be concerning to her family back home in Canada.

Andrea Macasaet in front of the “Six the Musical” venue. Macasaet was full of excitement for the opening day of the musical.
(Andrea Macasaet)

Ayanna Macasaet, Andrea’s sister, is back home in Manitoba, Canada and worries about her sister being in New York by herself.

“It’s scary because there’s no certainty to anything that is going on right now.  Like there’s no vaccination, they’re telling you that you have to stay put in one place and because she’s all by herself, she is her only source to get out and provide for herself.” – Ayanna Macasaet, sister.

Ayanna goes on to talk about how her family is feeling, more specifically how their mom is feeling.

“My mom is just super anxious.  Obviously New York isn’t the safest place to be right now with all of its positive cases and the amount of deaths that they have is scary too, and I know as a mother it takes a toll on her too.” – Ayanna Macasaet, sister.

With New York having the most confirmed cases and deaths in the U.S. and Canada, it makes sense for Macasaet’s family to be worried about her well-being.

Macasaet said that she does what she can to keep in touch with family.

“I think it’s only natural for every family to be concerned for one another during this uncertain time in the world. But I make sure to check in daily to see how everyone is doing and to give them updates on how I’m doing and how I’m feeling to give everyone peace of mind.” – Andrea Macasaet, “Six the Musical” Broadway star.

Macasaet feels that when Broadway opens back up again, it will be a huge celebration for everyone.  It is something that she is looking forward to.

“I imagine that when the lights of Broadway come back up after this darkwave, it’s going to be a big celebration and I get chills every time I think about how special that first day of performances will feel like for everyone.” – Andrea Macasaet, “Six the Musical” Broadway star.

With Broadway being cancelled until June 7, 2020, Macasaet hopes that once quarantine is over and we can resume our way of life, she can go back to doing what she loves and seeing her loved ones once again.

Andrea’s parents and sister are back home in Winnipeg waiting for the quarantine to be over. Hoping to be together once again,
(Ayanna Macasaet)

Andrea Macasaet’s “Karaoke & Chill”