COVID-19 has sent the world into pandemic with people staying inside and practicing social distancing. 

With over 1000 cases and over 45 deaths in B.C. alone, you can see why some citizens are panicking. 

First responders around B.C. as well as pharmacy workers are working hard to provide many people with healthcare and medicine to get people through these tough times. 

Pharmacies around B.C. have reduced their hours and implemented strict social distancing laws to keep all their employees and customers happy, healthy and safe.

Pharmacies are now taking precautions restricting medicine to patients. Many of them get a 3 month supply when they get a prescription.

However since there is such a high demand for medications, pharmacies around B.C. are restricting drugs and only giving 30 days worth of prescribed medication to their customers. 

The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia says that stockpiling drugs during this epidemic is harmful to the drug supply and can put others at risk. 

One of the biggest needs right now is inhalers.  Pharmacies around B.C. are rationing them out to patients because the manufactures are not making them fast enough and COVID affects the lungs if you were to catch it.

Some other items that are being rationed out are Antibiotics and HydroxyChloroquine which some people consider a cure or benefit that you can take if you have the virus.  

Chris Chiew who is the pharmacy general manager for London Drugs says although things may seem bad it has gotten better for pharmacies in the past couple weeks.

“The employees are definitely more calm right now, because of everything that we have put into place over the last 4 weeks, has actually created a situation where they feel they’re more safe and stay caught up with what they need to do.”

Dave Corea, a pharmacist in Kamloops, says he can’t remember a time in his 29 year career where the world was in this state and people relied on pharmacists this much.

“There was the SARS epidemic that never really came to Kamloops, so it was kind of the beginning of something like (COVID-19) but it never really got to the point where we are today. “

Corea does have frequent calls with other colleagues and friends that are working in the field who have the same thoughts and are also safeguarding against the virus.

To prevent the pharmacy from being busy patients can now call their doctors for appointments. The doctor can then fax the prescription to the pharmacies. 

From there the pharmacies can call the patient in their home, tell them all about the prescription and deliver it right to their door so they never have to leave their house. 

Pharmacies will always be busy, but remind you to do your part during this pandemic and practice social distancing, as well as washing your hands and staying isolated.