Ramen featured in Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’, flying off the shelves

Nikita Nayak / February 27, 2020

Ramen in demand

Manager of H Mart shares that they have limited stock of the ramen called ‘Neoguri’ and are sold out of ‘Chapaghetti’.
(Nikita Nayak / BCIT News )

Tae Kim Cropped

A noodle dish that was featured in the Academy Award winning film, ‘Parasite’ has inspired Vancouverites to try and recreate it in their homes.

‘Ramdon’ or ‘Jjapaguri’ is a combination of two different kinds of ramen, ‘Chapaghetti’ and ‘Neoguri’. Chapaghetti has a sweet, dark, black bean sauce while the latter consists of thick udon noodles in a spicy soup base.

Marketing manager of a local Korean supermarket H Mart, Tae Kim says that people who want to attempt recreating the dish at home would have to wait a little longer as they are currently out of ramen supply. Kim says that they are welcome to make the dish using alternative brands that have a similar flavour.

Kim goes on to say that as a result of the new food craze, his store has been receiving multiple calls everyday from Koreans and non-Koreans alike, who want to buy the ramen.

“At first we didn’t know it (ramdon) would get popular. Ramdon became popular after Parasite won the Oscars. Nowadays, we have a lot of enquiries and demands from non-Korean customers at our stores. It was a known recipe for Koreans for a very long time, but for non-Koreans it is something that is very strange.”

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A moment of pride

On February 9th, the South Korean film, ‘Parasite’ became the first foreign language film to ever win the Academy Award for Best Feature Film.

South Koreans who reside in the lower mainland, like BCIT student Jun Choi say that Parasite’s win was an unexpected shock to her.

She knew that the film was hugely popular in her hometown of Deagu, South Korea, but has been pleasantly surprised by how curious Vancouverites have been about the movie, following the Oscar nod.

According to Choi, there has been an increase in conversations about Korean culture in her friend circle.

She notes that some of her Canadian friends have come up to her to ask about the film and have even gone on to congratulate her on Parasite’s unexpected win.

Parasite won four awards at the 92nd Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film.
( Park Jea-hwan / Wikimedia Commons )

Parasite Film

“I was shocked to know that the movie won so many Oscars. They made history and I was so proud. After the movie won the awards, my friends started asking me how the Korean people feel about it and some people have even said congratulations to me. It has been such an interesting experience.”

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More than a dish

BCIT student Jun Choi says that the people who watched the movie in the theatres were speechless after watching it.
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Jun Choi

Choi adds that as a direct result of the Oscar buzz surrounding the film, there have been a number of blogs and Youtube videos that have flooded the internet and they talk about how to make the ramen dish called, ‘Jjapaguri.’

She is not surprised that people want to try the sweet and savoury dish that has been a part of Korean homes for a very long time.

Choi herself has made the dish a hundred times.

According to experts of Korean culture, ‘Jjapaguri’ is a simple ramen dish made using two flavours of instant noodles.

In the film, ‘Parasite’, one of the main characters who hails from a background of wealth and privilege is seen eating it with a special, high quality cut of Korean beef that is very expensive and is a symbol of high class society and privilege.

Experts and fans commend the film for having multiple layers as this signifies how a rich woman who cannot stand to eat a ‘common ramen dish’, chooses to eat it by elevating its status and adding superior standard beef that is unaffordable by the general public.

The recipe

Choi prepared ‘Ramdon’ using alternative ramen brands for her dorm-mate and fellow BCIT student, Erin Hodson. She could not use the original ramen brands because they were sold out at H Mart.

Hodson claims that she really liked the flavours of the dish and would try it again. She could taste the sweet black bean sauce with an aftertaste that has a spicy kick to it.

Choi’s recipe for making ‘Ramdon’ or ‘Jjapaguri’ at home has been mentioned below.

“I really like it. It’s spicy but it’s really good.”

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