Crow’s Nest – Food Week

Luke McGrath and Erin Laforet / February 28th, 2020

(iweatherman / Flickr)

On this week’s episode of Crow’s Nest, hosts Luke McGrath and Erin Laforet take a deep dive into the food industry, and how it is affecting society as a whole.

First, Luke and Erin discuss the new tax on carbonated, sugary beverages, and what impact this new tax will have on the beverage industry. Luke spoke to Yann Cornil, a marketing expert from UBC, to discuss this new tax.

Then the hosts discuss nutrition and food security in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. Erin spoke to Leilani Reum, who is the Food Coordinator for the Downtown East Side Neighbourhood House.

Finally, they have some fun with a blindfold taste test of regular chicken fingers, and their plant-based substitutes. Listen below to see if Luke can guess which one is real, and which one is plant-based.