For The Record: Cannabis edibles on the rise

Luke McGrath / February 26th, 2020

UBC Professor Mark Haden
(Source: UBC Experts Guide)

A report from market research company Mintel says that cannabis edibles and drinkables are leading the legal cannabis market in Canada. According to the report, people are less hesitant to try cannabis in an edible form, as an introductory way to familiarize themselves with the product.

UBC Professor and addictions counsellor Mark Haden says that there are some advantages to using an edible cannabis product instead of smoking marijuana.

“People who have sensitivity in the lungs or don’t want to put that particular matter in their lungs would prefer a cleaner method of ingestion, that’s one advantage. The other advantage is that it’s longer lasting. If you want to take something to sleep, you’ll want it to be active while you’re sleeping, instead of being engaged in taking it.”

The report says that Canada’s legal cannabis sales fell short of expectations in 2019, but that those numbers could rise in 2020 because of last fall’s legalization of edible cannabis products.

You can listen to the full interview with Mark Haden below: