For The Record: Tax on pop could impact public consumption

Luke McGrath / February 24th, 2020

Yann Cornil, UBC Marketing Professor

The BC Government has changed the way carbonated soft drinks such as pop are being taxed. Pop was previously exempt from being taxed because it was considered a food product for human consumption. It is now subject to the province’s 7% sales tax.

UBC Marketing Professor Yann Cornil says that the relationship between pop consumption and obesity was a big reason for this change. He says the BC Government is following what other countries in Europe and South America have done. Cornil says that data has shown a decrease in consumption of sugary beverages after a tax has been implemented.

“What we mostly observed is a decrease in consumption among consumers. Consumers tend to prefer healthier alternatives or water.” – Yann Cornil, UBC Marketing Professor

“We used to talk about Big Tobacco, more and more now we talk about Big Food, the food industry and it’s unhealthy consequences.”

You can listen to the whole interview here.