For the Record – Experts caution public ahead of wildlife baby season

Marwa Elgabry  – February 19, 2020

Anderson encouraged people to keep baby animals safe by carefully assessing whether they may be injured or orphaned.


A wildlife rehabilitation center in B.C. is urging people to take caution when approaching animals during this year’s wildlife baby season. Critter Care Wildlife Society is working around the clock to prepare for the influx of hundreds of baby animals beginning in March.

Cayce Anderson, animal care supervisor at Critter Care, said people should carefully asses the condition of any baby animals they come across.

“Leave the animal some space and assess the situation – so do you see a dead mother nearby? Is that baby injured? For instance, can you see any blood or maybe an infestation of parasites? Has the mother maybe been trapped and relocated and the babies have been left behind? Find out as much information as you can.” – Cayce Anderson, animal care supervisor