For the Record – Disability Awareness in Canada

Kaia Proctor – February 14th, 2020

Disabilities are very common in Canada.
Over 22% of people- or 1 in 5 have a disability.


On this weeks Episode of Crow’s Nest, host Kaia Proctor got into topic that affects a ton of Canadians- Disabilities.

She spoke with three B.C residents who are living with a disability and got their take on the biggest issues facing B.C’s disabled community, and what we can do to change these problems.

Kate Sowers- A disability activist living in Salt Spring Island. Kate has a chronic pain disorder which has made her an ambulatory wheelchair user.  As an ambulatory wheelchair user living in a small (and very hilly) B.C town, she faces many challenges in her day to day life.

Shane Polak- The Disabilities Coordinator for the Public Service Alliance of Canada B.C region, among other titles. Shane has schizoaffective disorder, depression, and anxiety which have created a very different playing field for him in the workforce. He’s a strong advocate for improved legislation for disabled people in B.C and has worked with Minister Shane Simpson on the new Legislation for Accessibility movement by the B.C government.

Esabella Anna Karena Strickland- A young learning disability advocate in Vancouver. At just fourteen years old Esabella is an award winning actress, filmmaker and writer, and is publishing her first book co-written with her father this spring. She was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia while in public school and suffered bullying and poor education before switching to a improved schooling environment.

All three of them have a completely different kind of disability or difference- but they had a lot in common when it comes to the judgment they’ve faced.

As well as what they think needs to be done about it.

Listen below to learn about Kate, Shane, and Esabella. Get informed of how you can make a difference in the lives of all B.C residents.

To listen to full interviews with Kate, Shane, or Esabella click below: