Sports Magazine-February 7th Edition

Kaia Proctor – February 7th, 2020

Female coaches often face skepticism when being considered for potential jobs.


It’s been a packed week in the sports world. From the Superbowl, to big trades happening in the NHL, to fans around the world mourning and moving past the tragic death of basketball star Kobe Bryant. We have a lot to talk about.

One topic that kept coming up though was Kate Sowers becoming the first female as well as openly gay coach for a Superbowl team EVER.

It was a pretty big deal, and we caught up will three female coaches from Vancouver to tell us more about what it’s like working as a women in a profession dominated by men.

I just think it’s important for females to be okay with female leadership..I can not tell you the amount of girls I couch here that have never had a female before me as a coach and they’re 18 years old….For me coaching my girls there is a level of respect that I have to earn that a guy doesn’t have to earn when they walk into the room.”-Annie Hamel, Head women’s soccer coach SFU

Kate Sowers received a ton of support leading up the this years Superbowl but also unfortunately a lot of flack following her teams loss.

We cover all that and more in this weeks Sports Magazine.

Listen down below to hear all about the issues women face coaching in B.C, NHL updates, and more in this weeks Sports Magazine: