BCIT holds first ‘Sex Plus’ week

Hanna Lalonde / February 12th, 2020

The BCIT Student Association offered free health products and chocolates to students.
(Hanna Lalonde / Hanna Lalonde)

This week on BCIT’s Burnaby campus was the first ever Sex Plus Week. From Monday until Friday, students could attend workshops that covered various topics, including: gender identity, consent culture, and emotional intelligence.

Students also had the opportunity to build their own ‘Sex Toolkit’. On Tuesday, chocolates, condoms, and pamphlets were readily available in the Great Hall.

Trina Prince, Event Manager for the Student Association says this type of event starts a dialogue.

“There’s so many different areas that involve sex and I think it’s really important to be able to talk about them.” Trina Prince, Event Manager for the BCIT Student Association 

February 14th is approaching and for some, Valentine’s day might evoke thoughts of chocolate, flowers, or oversized teddy bears; however, this week on campus students, were given an opportunity to discuss identity and self-love. One student said, “…identity is what defines you as a person. It’s your personality, your characteristics, and how you develop as a person.”

Prince says its important to keep an open mind and advises overwhelmed BCIT students to visit the Student Association to seek resources.

I think the thing for me that I’ve learned is we have to come to the conversation with an open mind and not being scared of asking those scary questions – and the ones that might make folks uncomfortable.” Trina Prince, Event Manager for the Student Association 

BCIT students who are seeking more information about this event can visit www.bcitsa.ca/sexplus.