For the Record – Learning Differences

Kaia Proctor – February 10, 2020

Esabella Anna Karina Strickland is an out of the box thinker, who says it’s best to embrace your differences.

(Twitter @EsabellaKarena)

For this episode of For the Record we interviewed Esabella Anna Karina Strickland- a young learning disability advocate in Vancouver.

At just fourteen years old Esabella is an award winning actress, filmmaker and writer, and is publishing her first book co-written with her father this spring.

Esabella was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia, and anxiety at a young age. She says the most important thing to focus on when you have a learning difference is that there’s nothing wrong with learning differently.

“It’s not a disability, its more of a new way of learning.”- Esabella Anna Karina Strickland

We spoke about issues the public school system has when it comes to teaching kids with a learning difference.

Esabella talked about her experience at the first public school she attended, and the difference she saw in her learning after switching schools.

“When I was in my old school they put me out of place, put me in a different room- everything was different and they would teach me like I’m stupid which I’m it’s completely different..they take their time to look after every single kid…and focus on our strengths.”- Esabella Anna Karina Strickland

Esabella tells us how a simple change in approach towards teaching people with learning difference can make a huge difference in creating an equitable learning environment for everyone.

To hear more about Esabella’s experience and her advice on how to treat others with a learning difference tune in to our full interview with her down below.