For the Record – Eco Anxiety and Climate Change

Purvi Sharma -Feb 7th 2020


With all the recent buzz around how our climate is rapidly changing and how we need to act fast before it’s too late to save our planet, most of us may have felt some type of “Eco – Anxiety”. Eco Anxiety is a term that was coined in 2017 by scientists who realized how much all this talk about climate change and the end of the world as we know it was affecting some people.

This week on For the Record, Climate Change and Eco Anxiety were touched upon. We spoke with a Psychologist, Activists and a Food Sustainability promoter to get the gist of what’s happening with the world, tips on how to help with reducing the impacts of climate change and how to deal with your mental health in the midst of all this.

All of this information has been compiled into one, so if you weren’t able to listen to the 4 separate interviews throughout the week, check out the Crow’s Nest to get all that your missed out!