For the Record – When heritage meets passion

Sara Wasouf – January 17, 2019

A Syrian student is introducing people to a new sense of music after bringing with him a very unique instrument from his home country.

(Instagram / @Sakerbe1)

They say if you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion- except this musician found both.

With a passion for music, 26 year old Bero Saker has been introducing a not-so-conventional instrument to people in Vancouver. He plays the oud- an ancient and traditional instrument that he brought with him to Canada two and a half years ago. Bero learned the skill from his father, who learned it from his father- a well known singer in Syria.

“It’s not only an instrument that  I found, we found each other- me and the oud.” – Bero Saker, Musician

With his instrument, not only does he play Middle Eastern music, but covers English songs and plays fusions combining music from different countries. His music can be found on Itunes and Spotify.

“Before I played, there would be this presumption that this instrument is Middle Eastern and can only play Middle Eastern music.” – Bero Saker, Musician

In the video  on the right, Bero covers Old Town Road by Billy Ray Cyrus.

With the Oud, Bero has produced multiple tracks and covers.

(Instagram / @Sakerbe1)

His passion has made itself clear, but what about his purpose? Bero says he carries it through his music too.

“I personally try to believe in my self as a messenger for this instrument, for music, and for my culture, and for my civilization, for my people, and for everybody. I tend to bring a message of love and peace through music to all the world with my instrument. I think this is the bigger role I give myself.”

To hear more about Bero’s work, click below.