New mandatory course for realtors an effort to cut money laundering in BC

Kaia Proctor / Jan 9, 2020

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The Real Estate Council of British Columbia is introducing a new mandatory course for realtors in B.C. The course comes following recommendations made by a government sanctioned report that stated over 5 billion dollars was laundered through real estate in B.C in 2018.

RECBC Professional Development Advisor Bruce McCoubrey called the program the “First of its kind” in Canada.

“The goal of the course is to ensure the public has full confidence in real estate and they can play their part in preventing the proceeds of crime entering the marketplace.”

Said McCoubrey.

The online course offered through The University of British Columbia course will cost only 25$ for early bird registrants till March 31st and is included within 18 hours of mandatory coursework due every two years for realtors to obtain or renew their license in B.C