Morning Headlines – January 9th, 2020

Luke McGrath / January 9th, 2020

Ukraine International Airlines
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U.S. officials “confident” that Iran shot down Ukrainian airplane

U.S. officials have said that it is “highly likely” that an Iranian missile took down a Ukrainian airplane carrying 176 passengers.

Officials say they believe an Iranian anti-aircraft missile struck the Boeing 737-800 that crashed near the Tehran airport, citing satellite data. President Donald Trump is dismissing Iran’s claim that a mechanical issue caused the crash, but wouldn’t directly place blame on Iran.

Indigenous grandfather and 12-year-old handcuffed at bank

An indigenous man and his granddaughter were handcuffed by police at a Bank of Montreal location in Vancouver when the man tried to open a bank account for his granddaughter. The bank employee questioned the photo identification that the man presented for himself and his granddaughter, which were their Indian Status cards. The bank employee believed that the man and his granddaughter were committing “possible fraud.”

BMO has apologized, expressing deep regret that this happened.

BMO has apologized for the incident.
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BC Supreme Court
(Yasmin Gandham / BCIT News)

Meng Wanzhou makes arguments about the disclosure of documents.

Man convicted of child killing granted bail 36 years after conviction

A B.C. man who was convicted for killing a child has been granted bail after claiming his innocence for 36 years.

Phillip James Tallio was convicted of killing 22-month old Delavina Mack in 1983, but insisted he was innocent ever since. The BC Supreme Court granted Tallio bail Wednesday afternoon.