Morning Headlines – December, 4th 2019

Niqhil Velji / December, 4th 2019

Donald Trump calls Justin Trudeau two faced Tuesday after a video surfaced. Trudeau maintains their relationship is unaffected.
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Trump calls Trudeau “two faced” after video surfaces

US President Donald Trump has called Justin Trudeau “two faced” after a video surfaced on Tuesday which showed a number of NATO world leaders talking about Trump without him present.

The video showed Prime Minister Trudeau blaming Trump for holding a lengthy news conference at the start of the bilateral meetings. In the video Trudeau said “He was late because he a takes 40 minute press conference off the top.”.

However, Trudeau said his relationship with Trump still maintains as they’ve had a number of good conversations during the summit.

Food prices to jump 2-4% in 2020, researchers estimate

The average Canadian family will spend up to $487 more on groceries and at restaurants in 2020. This comes after a new report conducted by researchers at Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph.

Meat is expected to see the biggest hike with an anticipated six per cent rise in cost. Seafood, vegetables and food sold at restaurants are anticipated to see a two to four per cent increase.

The report claims climate change and global trade instability are among possible factors for the price hike.

Food prices are expected to rise in Canada in 2020.

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A carbon monoxide leak sent six people in Pitt Meadows to hospital.

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Carbon Monoxide leak in Pitt Meadows sends 6 to hospital

Six Pitt Meadows residents were taken the hospital for Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to a gas leak that occurred at a business complex in Pitt Meadows.

Carbon Monoxide detectors showed high levels of odourless gas and five business were evacuated in the complex.

It is expected that all six residents who were sent to hospital will make a full recovery.