Morning Headline – December, 2nd 2019

Niqhil Velji / December 2nd, 2019

Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou explains life after arrest at YVR

Meng Wanzhou wrote a letter on the anniversary of her arrest at YVR.
(@Jamespechs / Twitter)

It’s been a year since Huawei’s Meng Wanzhou was arrested at YVR .  Wanzhou wrote a letter Monday explaining what her life has been like since she was arrested at YVR.

Wanzhou has been living in one of her Vancouver homes, on bail. In her letter Wanzhou says she has “witnessed moments of fear, pain disappointment, helplessness, torment and struggle”

Shortly after Wanzhou’s arrest, two Canadians Micheal Korvig and Micheal Spavor were detained in China. Sparvor and Korvig remain in custody despite efforts to secure their release.

Shots fired as IHIT called to 137 Street and 114 Avenue in Surrey

One person is dead and another is in serious condition after a late-night shooting in Surrey

Surrey RCMP  responded to calls of shots fired at 13600-block of 114 avenue late Sunday night. IHIT has also been engaged and are actively investigating the incident.

Police say the victims are known to police and it is believed to be a targeted incident

IHIT has been called in to a shooting in Surrey late Sunday night.

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City Council to vote on Surrey’s 2020 budget

No plan to hire new police officers or firefighters for 2020 in Surrey.

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Surrey’s five year budget will be a focal point Monday as consultations on the up and coming budget are set to begin.

The City of Surrey’s draft budget for next year, doesn’t include any new funding for police or fire fighters.

Surrey is transitioning from RCMP to a Municipal Police Force.

A city council vote will take place at 7 PM on Monday in regards to the cities budget.