For the Record – Politics in a NHL locker room

Azzaya Khan – Nov 29th, 2019

Flames Head Coach Bill Peters allegedly used a racial slur to one of his former players

The National Hockey League has had conflicts from the locker room, reach the public.

Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters is accused of using a racial slur with one of his former players based on his music selection, and the Toronto Maple Leafs former head coach Mike Babcock is under the gun for coming off as too aggressive with his players.

Both these allegations have happened this season, it’s a sign of a new generation of hockey players who are more vocal through social media.

“It’s a new generation of hockey, coaches can’t get a way with yelling all the time….you have to be mindful about respect in the workplace across all industries”

James Cybulski Sports Insider and Analyst https://

For Cybulski the generational gap between players and coaches is the most significant for today’s players.

National Hockey League teams, are tasked with being more relatable with players. The game is always changing on and off the ice, teams are now starting to hire a younger coaching staff to provide a safe and winning workplace.

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