For the Record – Online stores, a useful alternative for holiday shopping

Azzaya Khan – November 28th, 2019

Costumers are using online platforms as an easier way of shopping

Consumers are preparing for the holiday shopping season. Instead of crowding parking lots and waiting in lines, customers are resorting to online shopping as a faster option. The online business platform continues to grow.

“It’s now letting your fingers do the walking….going online is now more necessary for businesses to have.”

Shawn Moore President of Think Profitshttps://

Moore still finds physical stores will have good sales, because customers trust their purchase when they can see and feel the product before buying. But it’s still not enough to keep up.

Moore feels social media is driving more traction for retailers compared to store fronts. Businesses create and post advertisements on different platforms of social media to find specific people who might be interested in a certain product or business. For those who shop online, Moore says personal information is used by businesses to create advertisements specifically for them.

Even though there is still a demand for physical stores, more businesses are using online platforms as an affordable form of selling to a larger customer base.

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