For The Record – Youth Immigrants get involved in local politics

Azzaya Khan – Nov 27th, 2019

City of Vancouver is helping immigrants adapt to a new lifestyle


The city of Vancouver is addressing issues for immigrants and refugees who are new to Vancouver through the youth civics 101 program. The goal of the program is to help immigrant youth learn more about the city. Suggestions made by participants are to help immigrant families adapt and integrate to a new city.

Participant of the program Jason Su. Found the program did give a platform for the youth to be heard, but there are still solutions yet to be made.

“There is still work to be done to help immigrants integrate into Canada, we are trying to come up with more diverse solutions. ” –  Jason Su, Civic 101 participant

Some of the issues discussed was for immigrants to be properly represented and to address the lack of access to basic knowledge about municipal resources.

Su feels it’s programs like this one that can help youth immigrants take action and gain knowledge of a new lifestyle.

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