For the Record – More than fully enrolled BC students are unemployed

Azzaya Khan – Nov 11, 2019

Students are having trouble finding jobs due to intense school schedules

According to a recent Statistics Canada report over 12,000 post secondary students in British Columbia who are enrolled in school full time are unemployed.

When costs tend to build up, students who are fully enrolled in school have to find an employer who can accommodate their schedules. President of Goldbeck recruiting agency, Henry Goldbeck says the best industries for students is food service, hotel management and retail. Goldbeck Recruiting Agency is an employment agency that helps employers find job candidates.

For students who want to pursue their field of study as a career, the odds are not in their favour. Goldbeck finds that employers want candidates with experience, and can fill the position immediately

“It’s very difficult for employers to hire students, they need to hire that person who can fill a full time position immediately”

Henry Goldbeck President of Goldbeck Recruitmenthttps://

Goldbeck says he wishes it was a perfect world, but based on his experience he has never found employers wanting a post-secondary student to fill an immediate positions. The best chance for a student to find employment in their field of study is through paid internships.

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