For the Record – Unifor Bus Strike

Dylan Grant – November 22nd, 2019

I talked with Gavin McGarrgle who is the Western Regional Director for Unifor about the upcoming Bus Strike next week.

(@UniforTheUnion / Twitter )

With the upcoming full bus shutdown for next week from Wednesday November 27th – 29th, Gavin McGarrigle Unifor’s Western Regional Director is not backing down with Coast Mountain Bus Company.

“We’re gonna take it day by day, we’ve been saying that a complete work stoppage is an option what we’re gonna do is give the public out at that rally and we’re gonna demonstrate just how important the bus system is.”

There will be a rally on Thursday November 28th, in front of Translink at 1:00pm

For the public to have a voice in the strike attending the rally will be the best way to be heard.

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