For the Record – Heart Attacks and Strokes

Dylan Grant – Date November 18th, 2019

Vanessa Dizonno is the clinical study manager for the Vancouver Stroke Program, and is the one researching the links between heart attacks/conditions and strokes.

(Vanessa Dizonno / Instagram)

The Vancouver Stroke Program is conducting clinical research on the common links between heart conditions and strokes. They are looking into whether people who have heart conditions or have had heart attacks are more likely to have a stroke.
Vanessa Dizonno, the clinical study manager for the Vancouver Stroke Program, is the one who is testing this out.
“Probably the biggest find is listening to the patient experience since a large part of clinical research is what physicians and researchers have been to deem important, so for example a lot of the outcomes that we measure to see if something is effective or not is chosen by physicians” Vanessa Dizonno, Clinical Study Manager
Currently there is nothing to prevent this from happening, but Dizonno says a big part in protecting yourself from heart attacks and strokes is improving your diet and not smoking or drinking. Furthermore by improving your diet you can control your blood pressure and reduce your sodium intake.

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