1, 2, 3, Action!

Zara Vanwynsberghe / November 17, 2019

Producing from the control room at Aerospace Campus during an episode of BCIT In Focus.
(Zara Vanwynsberghe)

1, 2, 3 … 4, 5, 6. Six more weeks; 41 days. I’ve come to the point where you start realising that this whole journey is slowly coming to an end. Some exchange students are posting these “it has been great, almost time to go home”-pictures on Instagram, others are already talking about what they’re going to do for Christmas, back in their hometown, while other BCIT students are starting to study for their final exams. (Thank god Journalism students don’t have them! Woohoo!) So yes, the feeling that my trip is coming to an end is not cool.

I only got 3 more weeks left at BCIT. Actually, 3 more days. Oh my god… The idea is freaking me out a little bit. How is this possible? Just when I really started getting to know my way and feeling home, the term is already coming to an end? I just found out that they serve the best Asian food on Friday in the Great Hall! That’s not fair, I should’ve known this earlier! But yes, the feeling is terrifying. Time is terrifying.

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been in MAG, which stands for Magazine. In that rotation, we get the opportunity to improve our video skills and more. Students are making 2 live shows: In Focus – in which another BCIT Campus is highlighted – and MAG – students are making their own story for the show about something they choose.

In the first two weeks, we were working on the In Focus Show. We were so lucky to cover the BCIT Aerospace Campus. Big planes and helicopters are collected in the hangar, I met some pilot students and talked about their program.

The stories are made by a journalist student and a television students, which was super interesting to see. They use to most impressive cameras and gear!

I got to be a producer for the show. Everything was super new for me, so I had to try to find my way around a little bit. Sometimes that was a little hard, but at the end it was amazing to see how great the show was. Together with 2 other students, we were in charge of the show. We lined up the rundown of the show in Inception, we checked in with the reporters, we had meetings with the director of the television crew. The showday itself was so much fun. The biggest tools that I’ve ever seen were set up in a control room. There were these big screens and panels with keys, … A lot of things I don’t know the name of, haha. We were timing the show, while the director and a loooot of other people were doing whatever they had to do. It takes a whole crowd to make this happen!

The main set of the In Focus episode was in the BCIT Aerspace Campus hanger.
(Zara Vanwynsberghe)

In the last week of MAG, I got to make my own video story. It had been a while, so I was a little nervous but super excited. I really like going out in the field. I chose to do my story about Remembrance Day. We also celebrate this day in Belgium, but it’s different; way smaller I find and the focus is on the end of the First World War, on the soldiers who sacrificed their lives – the fallen. I only went to a ceremony once. In Ypres, West Flanders, it’s a big thing. The armistice is traditionally commemorated with a mass, followed by the Poppy Parade and a ceremony under the Menin Gate.

Click on the video below to watch the full story:

Here, I have the feeling that the focus is a little bit different. They don’t only honour and remember the fallen, but they also celebrate Canada’s current veterans. I went to Victory Square, where a big crowd had gathered for the ceremony. It was actually really nice and interesting to be there. However, I needed to focus on my project. I came really early to have a good spot, but at the end, I was a little bit in trouble. (If I translate a Dutch saying about this literally, it would be: I was sitting in mashed potatoes! “Ik zat in de puree.” So that means I was like … in trouble!) I brought 2 batteries and they both died within 30 minutes. I was also not allowed to move, because I was in a media area and we had to stay there till the end of the ceremony. (It was super cool to stand next to the most famous television stations of BC! I felt like I was a part of their crew ;-). And like I’ve told you before, Canadians are the most kind and helpful people!) BUT, anyway, at the end it all worked out. I even got to talk to the defence minister of Canada! And they opened the show with my story, so I’m happy.

Tomorrow I start my internship at the CBC in Downtown! THE C-B-C!! I’ve never been so excited about an internship! I’m so happy to get to go to Downtown almost every day of the week. I really love it over there, so I can’t be any more thankful for all the opportunities BCIT is giving me.


I’ll keep you up to date!

See you soon,