Erin Laforet / November 4, 2019

Supporters at a rally in Alberta sporting the “Make Alberta Great Again” slogan.
(@tmrealityczech / Twitter)

Wexit Alberta Applies to be a Party:

Political movement Wexit, a play off Brexit in the UK, applied to become a registered party today with Elections Canada. Wexit is a separatist movement that gained followers after the federal elections. Wexit Alberta was able to secure 500 signatures, double the requirement. Over 700 hundred people were reported at a rally in Edmonton this past weekend, some seen wearing “Make Alberta Great Again” hats.

Transit Strike Update:

A head negotiator for Unifor says most transit operations should be up and functioning today, but a breakdown in talks will lead to a full-blown stop in work. It is expected that bus routes may see cancellations by the end of the week unless negotiations improve. Contract talks between workers and employers broke down Thursday and lead to transit operators refusing to wear uniforms, and work overtime.

Transit workers wear their everyday clothes as a sign of protest in support of the transit strike.
(@Micki Cowan / Twitter)

Concerns of tainted tap water make Canadians reconsider bottled water.
@Andy Vermaut / Twitter

Lead in Canada’s Tap Water:

A year long investigation by 10 media outlets reveals that Canadian drinking water could be laced with high levels of lead. The lead has been tainting Canadian’s drinking water through aging infrastructure and plumbing. Testing in BC showed that 21 of the 25 homes tested by reporters didn’t meet Health Canada’s guidelines for safe drinking water. Health Canada is recommending lead testing at residential taps, however there are no federally—mandated lead testing protocols.