For the Record – Halloween Transit Safety

Nick Empey – October 29, 2019

(source: Pixabay)

With Halloween around the corner, there is heavy talk annually about safety precautions when trick or treating but not as much surrounding transit. With groups of ghosts and ghouls haunting the skytrain and buses, bulky or immobile costumes can create an issue for many riders.  Sometimes even costume props can create alarm if they look too real. Sergeant Clint Hampton of the Metro Vancouver Transit Police says that realistic looking prop weapons need to be stowed if they go on transit.

“Anything that might be perceived as a weapon we’re asking that you either find an alternative that is obviously not the real thing or leave that item at home. If you really think that it’s necessary for your costume, please put it away and keep it there until you get to your destination so that people aren’t alarmed while they’re on the transit system. ” – Sergeant Clint Hampton, Metro Vancouver Transit Police

Alternatives to stowing these items might be painting or taping bright colours onto parts of the fake weapon to alert other transit riders that it is simply a prop. Hampton also says that costumes should allow for good visibility and mobility as transit will be crowded on Halloween. He stressed adding the transit police text code 87-77-77 to your contacts so in the event of an emergency you can quickly and discreetly contact transit police.  Transit is the best way to get around on Halloween but accidents do happen if riders don’t remain aware and use common sense. Lastly, Hampton emphasized avoiding consuming cannabis or alcohol until you reach your destination as there are steep fines for smoking or drinking on buses and skytrains.

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