For the Record – Cooking for Mental Wellbeing

Nick Empey – October 27th, 2019

(Source: Pixabay)

Mental health is something many people struggle with and there are a variety of suggestions on how to cope with it out there. We often hear going for a run, journaling, or even some extra down time will help, but in our busy schedules it is often hard to accommodate. We do know that our bodies need good food in them however, and taking the extra step to create food has huge benefits to our mental wellbeing. Coast Mental Health runs a program that takes 19-30 year olds who are struggling to gain employment due to lack of skills, confidence or are struggling with their mental health. They teach them basic culinary skills while building their work experience self confidence and mental health. Margaret Davies, red seal chef and manager of the culinary training program at Coast Mental Health says that sometimes the scariest part is starting.

“A lot of people find cooking intimidating or scary, and all you have to do is try. Just try and practice. Learn, create, be creative challenge yourself and that goes our students as well. They come into it and they’re scared or intimidated and all I tell them to do is just try.” – Margaret Davies, Manager of the Coast Mental Health culinary training program

So how can you benefit from cooking?

Davies says, deep down cooking is supposed to be a fun thing and sometimes we forget that. We get wrapped up in our own lives and by the time we get home, are too tired to create anything with our own hands. One of the best ways to get involved in your own kitchen, is to watch cooking shows to get inspired. Also reccomending that you make sure you stock your pantry with ingredients to make some of your favourite foods.

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