For the Record – Surrey crime prevention group say youth are more likely to participate in gang related activities

Maria Vinca- Oct 25, 2019

Gang members are more likely to recruit youth as they are less educated on the dangers


The younger generation is becoming a bigger target for gang members to recruit, as they are more vulnerable and less educated on the dangers involving gangs.

Youth are more susceptible to becoming gang members as they are enticed by the idea of becoming a part of a group and feeling accepted while not realizing the dangers that go along with it.

Surrey Crime prevention group “Wake up Surrey” collaborates with the Ministry of Education and school districts to ensure students are educated on the dangers associated with gangs involvement.

“It’s easy to convince them because younger kids don’t know much about the outside reality and kids with less money can become attracted” – Gurpreet Singh Sahota, Wake up Surrey

Founder of “Wake up Surrey” says gang members also tempt youth with the idea that if they join, they will make a large amount of money.

Sahota has seen kids as young as eleven or twelve that get involved with gangs.

He says parents need to be more aware of what their kids are doing and who they get involved with.

Wake up Surrey hopes that educating teens on the dangers will prevent more youth from becoming gang members

Gurpreet Singh Sahota says we need to do something to stop the younger generation from getting involved with gangs
(Courtesy of Gurpreet Singh Sahota)

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