For the Record- Vancouver’s homeless population continues to increase due to lack of housing

Maria Vinca – Oct 24, 2019

For over 30 years, Judy Graves has been an advocate for the homeless population in Vancouver

(Judy Graves/ twitter

Vancouver’s first homeless advocate Judy Graves says due to a lack of available homes in Vancouver, the homeless population continues to increase.

“There’s no excuse for leaving people on the streets as winter approaches.” – Judy Graves, homeless advocate.

According to Graves, the problem is that the homes that sell to the middle class are now being sold to the wealthy.  This means the middle class is being moved down to the higher price rental and now people that used to live in the best rental are now moving down into less adequate rental.

“If you are at the bottom of the system because there isn’t enough housing being built, you get bounced right out because there isn’t enough housing.”

Graves says she doesn’t think the general public is aware enough on how hard it is to find housing for homeless people.

“People’s health fails if they don’t have housing”- Judy Graves, homeless advocate

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