For the Record – CPC candidate for Burnaby-South hits back at Liberal opponent over controversial ad-campaign

Laurie Tritschler – October 18, 2019

Conservative candidate Jay Shin insists Liberal-leader Justin Trudeau might consider a private member’s bill proposing to legalize all controlled drugs, including cocaine and heroin.

Shin denies the accusation by his Liberal opponent that the Conservative Party of Canada knowingly misled Chinese-Canadians when it bought Facebook ads (written in Mandarin) warning Trudeau would legalize drugs if Canadians return a Liberal government in next Monday’s federal election.

Liberal candidate Neelam Brar told Evolution’s “For the Record” on Monday, “the Conservative Party [has] shown over the past couple of weeks that…they’re willing to lie, that they’re willing to create fake news stories.”

Replies Shin,

“I think for her to say that it’s an outright lie—I think that’s a lie.” – Jay Shin, Conservative candidate for Burnaby-South

Canadians go to the polls Monday, October 21st.

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What are Shin’s opponents saying?