TransLink announces service improvements

Hanna Lalonde / October 8, 2019

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TransLink has announced upgrades to transit services across the Lower Mainland. The company  is increasing services and adding four busses to the fleet. CEO Kevin Desmond says double-decker buses will likely be in service by the end of October.

“We’ve got to find different and creative ways to fund our major rapid transit expansions.” – Kevin Desmond, TransLink CEO

Desmond says Translink is finding solutions to improve transit.

All services will be increased, except the West Coast Express, due to track space limitations.

Translink released data in April 2019 which showed that ridership increased by 18% between 2016-2018.

In that report, Translink revealed plans to add 620,000 bus service hours to improve frequency and increase capacity over the next three years. Plans include 350 additions to the bus fleet, including four electric buses, 32 double-deckers and 56 HandyDART vehicles, and add 56 cars to Expo/Millennium and 24 cars to Canada Line to increase capacity.

The city is looking for sustainable solutions, and Desmond admits “we have a lot of catching up to do south of the Fraser River”. In spite of population growth throughout those communities, there’s still a notable lack of transportation.