Political expert says leaders’ debate was childish

Nicole Priebe/ October 8th, 2019

The debate featured a record six party leaders and lasted two hours. Canadians who watched the debate had many opinions.

(Source CPAC)

The Canadian federal election is scheduled to take place on October 21, 2019.

The six major party leaders took the stage in Gatineau, Quebec for the 2019 English debate. Leaders debated a wide variety of topics while also directly addressing their opponents campaigns.

A new format was used, leaders were given the opportunity to direct their own questions to a candidate of their choice. Leader rebuttals were quick and direct. The broadcast lasted two hours.

UBC Political Science professor, Bruce Baum was left unimpressed after viewing the broadcast. He compared the debate to “children arguing in the school yard”.

Baum was not surprised to see all candidates question Trudeau and use his past mistakes against him.

Baum said Jagmeet Singh was cool and calm while tensions were rising.

Bruce Baum (PhD Minnesota) is an associate professor at UBC. Baum has published multiple books while his research focuses primarily on critical social theory.

(Source/ UBC Politics)

CPAC livestreamed the debate, you can watch below.

BCIT students who watched the broadcast shared their opinion.

“I wouldn’t say that after watching the debate it changed my mind on who I’m voting for”

Carlene RizzoBCIT Studenthttps://

“The worst part about a “debate” like this is when they actually start getting somewhere with their conversations and are just starting to touch on their policies they get cut off because they are out of time or get interrupted.” 

Tyson RedpathBCIT Studenthttps://

Advanced polls have opened at BCIT. Students are able to vote on all campuses until October 9th at 9pm.

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