B.C. to talk about new rules for e-scooters

Kenneth Pittman / October 8, 2019

Scooters like these could be coming to a city near you if BC amends its Motor Vehicle Act

(Christian Bueltemann / Pixabay)

The B.C. government is considering new laws for Segways and other alternative vehicles. 

“There are lots of new ways to travel and we need to make sure our laws reflect the needs of our communities today.” – Claire Trevana, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, said in a statement.

Proposed amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act, introduced yesterday, would establish a framework for the use of electric scooters, electric single-wheeled cycles, Segways and hoverboards. The legislation also provides a framework for how pilot projects can be conducted by the provincial government and municipal governments. 

The province is following the lead of the City of Kelowna. This summer, Kelowna provided Spin, a scooter rental company, with a permit to operate its e-scooter share service within the municipal jurisdiction under the bike share permit program. 

Due to the restriction of e-scooters on roadways, Spin’s access was limited to the Okanagan Rail Trail, but saw great success.

The proposed amendments will alter the definition of “road user” so that it includes the likes of Segways and electric scooters.

This is the first step in the governments Active Transportation Strategy, Move.Commute.Connect, a strategy for cleaner, more active transportation. 

“Our government wants to make life better for British Columbians. By designing and creating routes that are well-connected, accessible, safe and enjoyable, we are giving more people the opportunity to choose an active mode of travel.” – Claire Trevana, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure said in a letter to her constituents.

The government invests in active transportation with the hopes of changing how we get around by safely and conveniently connecting the places where we live, work, learn and explore.