For the Record – George Massey Tunnel Proposal

Marwa Elgabry – October 6, 2019

A replacement proposal has been put forth for the George Massey Tunnel. The Massey Tunnel Task Force has decided on an eight-lane immersed tube to replace the 60-year-old tunnel.


The George Massey Tunnel may finally be getting a long-awaited replacement. The Massey Tunnel Task Force met on Wednesday to deliberate over six proposed replacement options. The decision follows the previous Liberal government’s suggestion to build a ten-lane bridge in place of the now 60-year-old tunnel, which were put to a halt by the NDP in 2017. Malcolm Brodie, Richmond Mayor, says the task force unanimously agreed to opt for a tunnel as opposed to the previously proposed bridge. The task force had the option to propose a deep bored tunnel or an immersed tube. Brodie explains why an eight-lane immersed tube tunnel is the best option.

“The consensus was clearly for a tunnel, not a bridge, deep bored if possible. In the analysis there a number of problems with the deep bored tunnel. It would have to be very long, and because of the height conditions, it would have to be very deep.  And the cost would have been two or three times the potential cost for a bridge or the immersed tube tunnel.” – Malcolm Brodie, Richmond Mayor

While campaigning in B.C., Conservative party leader Andrew Sheer recently announced that he plans to make the Massey Tunnel replacement a priority. Brodie stated that he hopes to see the replacement come to fruition post-election, and emphasized that the Massey Tunnel replacement is an urgent priority.

“The economic cost and the environmental damage that is being done by the traffic going through there is significant so it is a real priority to move on it.” – Malcolm Brodie, Richmond Mayor

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