School life at BCIT

Zara Vanwynsberghe / September 27, 2019

My first week on air at BCIT, reading news for Evolution 107.9.
(Zara Vanwynsberghe)

Good morning, I’m Zara Wynsbergh and this is your blog news to 6.30 a.m.

Hi folks! Back at it again!

Wanna know what it’s like to study Broadcast and Online Journalism at BCIT? Let me spill you some tea.

I really love working with audio. It’s the medium I chose in my second year in my school back home in Ghent to specialize myself in. We learned how to work with audio equipment, how to make audio reports and audio stories, … I can list many things. The most important thing to know is that it just involved AUDIO! So it makes sense when I tell you that it’s my biggest dream to make my own podcasts. Anyway, when I heard that I would start with the ‘Radio and Online’ rotation, I was really happy.

First, let me briefly clarify how BCIT works. This term, there are 4 rotations in which you have the opportunity to improve your skills in all types of medium; radio & online, television and digital. There is also an industry rotation. This is like an internship. Within every rotation, that lasts 3 weeks, there are different roles. Each student gets a new role every week. In this way you learn all the different journalistic positions. For example, in the Digi rotation (in which I will be after the radio rotation) you learn how to be a social media editor, how to be a digital content coordinator or producer, … As you can read; the program really prepares you to start your job right away.

Right now, already 2 weeks of practicum have passed. In my first week of Radio, I was an Assignment Editor together with Erin. I’ve been paired with a partner in this rotation because the focus of my education in Belgium is more theoretical. Since BCIT is so hands-on, the students have more experience in making live radio and going out in the field. Erin and I started at 5.30 a.m., because we had the morning shift. For me, the hardest part of this role was just getting out of bed! (I’m not kidding. 4.30 a.m. is insane for me. I’m an evening person!) When I saw the schedule for the first time, I honestly thought: “What? Are you crazy, BCIT?!” But I must say, it has been the best. I have been learning so much in a very short time and I’m really being challenged. Chasing stories, working towards very short deadlines, writing newscast and going live on air. That is pretty exciting, right?!

This week I got to be a reporter. Together with Yasmin, I went out in the field. I experienced how it feels like to wake up in the morning not knowing what your day is going to look like. It made this whole adventure even more exciting. And to speak of a bigger highlight, I was so lucky to go to Justin Trudeau’s campaign stop as a reporter! WHAAAT.

Honestly, there is so much more to tell. BCIT is a lot of work, but if you really want to become a great journalist, this is the best school to achieve your dream job. It has been amazing so far.

By the way, a fun fact: Canadian people don’t know how to pronounce my last name, so I had to change it, anglicize it! So from now on, call me Zara Wynsbergh!

This was your blog update to 6.30 a.m. I’m Zara Wynsbergh and you’re listening to evolution 107.9 news.