Controversy over new BCIT Policy Draft

Marwa Elgabry / September 25, 2019

A BCIT student representative on the Board of Governors has voiced concerns over a new policy draft.

The draft focuses on Recording in the Classroom, and if enacted, will ban students from the electronic reproduction of all in-class materials. Exceptions would include obtaining written permission from an instructor, or for means of accommodation, such as in the case of disability.

The draft states that students who infringe on the police would be penalized for academic misconduct. Baryshnikov says this puts students at a “disadvantage”, as common practice, such as taking a photo of a whiteboard, could result in them being subject to disciplinary action. On deeper analysis, he put forth the scenario of first year students who may not yet be familiar with BCIT culture. He says that unless instructors were to notify their class of the policy, new students could face repercussions by engaging in acts of “duplicating material” for study purposes, unaware that they are committing academic misconduct.

On the other side of the policy issue, Baryshnikov stated that instructors would have an unfair advantage, as the policy would give them authority to decline students’ requests to reproduce in-class materials. Consequently, he states that this will hinder students from engaging in their preferred way of learning.

“If that policy draft becomes an institute policy, then it would be the case that instructors would have probably an unfair advantage to restrict students from the preferred way of learning. They could say no, and there is nothing students could do about it.”

– Vasiliy Baryshnikov, Student Representative on the Board of Governors

Baryshnikov encourages community members to familiarize themselves with the draft in preparation for an upcoming community consultation. In the mean time, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to voice their thoughts on the issue by emailing feedback to their Student Representatives.

I particularly encourage students to do so, and talk with the Student Representatives on the Board of Governors. As governors, we advocate for the institute as a whole, yet we are also there as student representatives to bring a student perspective into the decision making process. – Vasiliy Baryshnikov, Student Representative on the Board of Governors

He also recommends that all students and members of the community visit the BCIT Board of Governors and Education Council website pages, to view open session meeting dates, minutes from previous meetings, and published documents.

The websites can be visited at the following links:

To voice your thoughts, email feedback to the following points of contact:

Vasiliy Baryshnikov, Student Representative on the Board of Governors:

Justin Cervantes, President of the Student Association:

With files from Purvi Sharma.