B.C. health minister still with no concrete plan to tackle teen vaping

Caden Fanshaw / September 19, 2019

After a recent case in Ontario and a federal election on the way, there’s no timeline for regulations on vaping to be brought into effect.


Government officials south of the border have been quickly mobilizing their resources to handle tackle the challenges of teen vaping

The same cannot be said on the Canadian west coast, BC Health Minister Adrian Dix told media to expect some kind of roll-out for regulations, but he would not commit to a timeline.

All that was clear was that it would involve youth.

“We need actions that are led by youth to change this, and we know this from dealing with tobacco… we need regulator action, education action, and action in the hands of people so they understand the risks and can make better decisions.”

Adrian DixBC Health Ministerhttps://

This comes hot on the heels of 580 vaping-related illnesses in the U.S. with seven reported fatalities.

Also hot on the heels of a public letter released via social media by Kamloops- South Thompson MLA Todd Stone.

Dix, addressed the media after Stone revealed his private members bill presented on April 11th still hadn’t been addressed.

The public reveal came over Stone’s twitter with a long letter to Dix and BC Premier John Horgan outlining the problematic state of BC’s laws and the lack of work being done to protect children throughout the province.

“You can expect shortly within provincial jurisdiction a strategy to address vaping by youth.. the fact is the law states that it is illegal to vape under the age of 19 now, and yet it’s happening.”

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Fresh clouds close to home:

Medical cases involving respiratory illnesses have been popping up all over the United States that have already claimed six lives.

This week, the first case in Canada was diagnosed in Ontario and as Health Canada warns in a recent release, many more that could be on the way.

“Vaping is not without risk, and the potential long-term effects of vaping remain unknown. Non-smokers, people who are pregnant and young people should not vape.”

While Dix admitted he was waiting on a federal motion to be put into place, he walked around the question of disappointment in the feds.

Stone went on to say, with a federal election now on the way delaying progress at the federal level, Stone was adamant about urging Dix to take action now.

This hospital in London, ON is believed to be the site where some of the research that Health Canada is conducting towards vaping is taking place.

(London Health Sciences Foundation)

“At the time (April 11, 2019), you (Adrian Dix) indicated to me both publicly and privately that you shared my concerns about this public health issue facing our youth…Unfortunately, five months later, no action has yet been taken by your government.”

Todd StoneMLA, Kamloops-South Thompsonhttps://

Storyline : Vaping-related illness cases in the US and Canada until now

Existing framework:

The current laws in BC were last updated in 2016 by the BC Liberal party, and have not aged well in the eyes of many concerned parents that Dix continued to reference.

Dix says that the current licensing program allows over 93, 000 retailers to sell vaping related products on an everyday basis. Dix was asked about imposing a limit to retailers able to sell products similar to that of cannabis, with his response claiming a limit is one of the key points that the minister is willing to change.

Federally, the updated regulations are in the drafting stage but with an election now taking over priority of the federal cabinet ministers, it would be “delayed in action.”

Dix told media prior to the campaign starting, the office of Canadian Minister of Health Marie Ginette Petitpas Taylor did reach out apologizing for the red light.

With files from Nikita Nayak