For the Record – Fighting cancer with food

Nicole Priebe – May 10, 2018

Michelle Darby

Michelle Darby is a breast cancer fighter and survivor. In April of 2010 she was diagnosed with stage one invasive ductal carcinoma- an estrogen fuelled breast cancer. After not responding well to the traditional cancer treatment, she decided to take matters into her own hands and try to cure the disease herself. Not with medication, with radiation- but with food. Michelle travelled to the Kushi Institute in Massachusetts to learn about the healing power of raw, organic food. She then took that knowledge back home and put it to the test. Michelle believes that all cancer patients should consider altering their diets and start incorporating “cancer-fighting” foods.

“I’m convinced 100% that it was my diet that cured the cancer, there’s no doubt in my mind. I focused in on eating whole, organic foods that helped treat the disease- rather than feed it.”

-Michelle Darby

A combination of organic, whole foods and a positive, peaceful mindset is what Michelle believes cured her from her illness. When looking back at the dietary choices she made in the past she noticed a lot of animal products. Dairy and meat- all which contain hormones that was in her words were, “fuelling the disease”. Michelle is also certain that stress is one of the most toxic things to the human body and that eliminating stress in her life through focused breathing and practices such as yoga and meditation contributed to her beating cancer.

Cancer Fighting Foods