Morning Headlines: May 9, 2019

Michelle de Leon / May 9, 2019

Vancouverites could be enjoying more time on the Seawall this week with temperatures expected to break heat records.
(Tiana Mohebi / BCIT Journalism)

Vancouver weather is like summer in May


Metro Vancouver could hit record-breaking temperatures with today’s weather to be a high of 28C inland, according to Environment Canada.

The average of temperatures in May are highs of 17 degrees Celsius.

Warm weather and clear skies will continue onto the weekend, and possibly cool off on Mother’s Day.

B.C. releasing two reports into money laundering


The B.C. government commissioned two independent reports to examine money laundering in the province’s real estate sector.

One report is the remainder of former RCMP deputy commissioner, Peter German’s investigation into money laundering in casinos.

The second report by Maureen Maloney, who was appointed by Carol James, looks at money laundering in real estate and the regulatory gaps exploited by organized crime.

Attorney General David Eby and Former RCMP officer Peter German in June 2018 releasing German’s first report on money laundering

(B.C. Government)

Volunteers of Vancouver Aquarium have been helping the garden for the past five months.
(Dr. Sun Yet-Sen Classical Garden / Twitter)

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden welcome return of koi fish


Ornamental fish that were removed from the garden last year have been returned to their home. The fish were removed after a river otter killed 11 fish of the expensive koi last November.

The infamous culprit forced staff at the garden to evacuate three adult koi and 344 juvenile fish.

The Vancouver Park Board says the staff have modified the entrances and exists to the garden to “deter future otter visits.”