For the Record – Chasing highs on and off the mountain

Nicole Priebe – May 9, 2018

Mitchel Douglas

Action sports athletes are some of the most impressive performers in the world. These people perform at a high level while being subjected to natural or unusual physical and mental challenges such as speed, height, depth or natural forces and where fast and accurate thinking and decision making may be required for success. Mitchel Douglas, a Whistler local and extreme free-skier has spent over 40 years on the mountain and has competed on a world stage and been an idol in the free skiing community. Mitchel speaks on the mental struggles that extreme sport athletes face- something that a lot of people might not think about.

“The sad part about it is as you become a better and better skier it becomes harder to get those feelings. So you have to push yourself further and what we’re seeing now is the progression of the sport has become so dangerous.”

Mitchel DouglasProfessional Skiierhttps://

“When those rushes stop happening, it’s tough. Its almost like a withdrawal that you go through and you’re searching for that and it doesn’t come in everyday life.”

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Extreme sports athletes are constantly chasing the adrenaline rush they get from their sport- or what Mitchel refers to as a “high”. When their careers come to an end, whether it be due to injury or age- they no longer are getting those exhilarating feelings and many find trouble finding an alternative or equivalent in every-day life.