For the Record – Cleaning up BC’s act with cleaner energy

Nicole Priebe – May 8 , 2018

The word is out, and has been out for a while- our planet is suffering. The climate is changing and humans are the main contributors to this problem. Ecological Restoration Scientist, Dave Harper spoke about the impending threats to Canadian ecosystems- specifically the ones within British Columbia. Things like pipelines, fossil fuels and overfishing are just some of the impending threats on our province’s ecosystem. Harper tackles issues such as the Independent Power Project (IPP), DFO management and the use of fossil fuels- including the role these corporations play in the advancement of the province. Politicians have been in charge of making critical decisions on behalf of British Columbians on subjects that are not familiar to them, and Harper believes that these judgements made should be done along side the scientists who are working with the data and information every day.

“We need to start transitioning away from it (oil and gas) for betterment of our children and our children children.”

Dave HarperEcological Restoration Specialisthttps://

The cost of renewable electricity resources—such as wind and solar power—are going down as time progresses due to more and more projects seeing massive investments.

“We’re investing more and more infrastructure to keep feeding off of big oil basically. If anything, we need to be transitioning away from our reliance of fossil fuels.”

– Dave Harper