Morning Headlines: February 14th

Jason Manaois / February 14, 2019

A run-of-river facility run by an independent company.
(Alterra Power / Wikipedia)

BC Hydro is overspending billions of dollars due to private contracts

A new independent report by Energy Minister Michelle Mungall, states that the energy corporation overspent billions of dollars paying for independent energy producers.

Bad news for BC Hydro ratepayers, as this will cost them “an estimated 16.2 billion dollars over 20 years.” To put it more simply, each individual ratepayer would need to pay an additional $200 dollars.

The 8,500 gigawatt hours of energy bought during the spring as a clean energy initiative of the Liberal government was not even needed, as the report also states that BC Hydro has more than clean energy during the spring season.

Vancouver Coastal Health confirms another case of measles

Dr. Althea Hayden says that the second and newest measles case is still under investigation for it’s origin.

The name and age of the person affected was not released to the public, however, VCH did confirm that the individual was a minor. According to Dr. Hayden, the virus is transmitted through an “airborne route”.

Health officials are still trying to find answers, but unlike the previous case this  virus was caught locally.

Measles under a microscope.
(Yale Rosen / Flickr)

Billions of dollars were laundered by crime organizations in Vancouver.
(Stock Photography / Flickr)

City of Vancouver officially joins fight against money laundering

After a unanimous decision by Vancouver City Council, the mayor will now write  a letter to “the Premier, the Minister of Finance, and the Attorney General, communicating Vancouver’s support for a Public Inquiry.”

The decision comes after Councillor Christine Boyle presented a motion using  investigative reports and RCMP studies linking money laundering, Vancouver real estate, and fentanyl distribution to support her notice.

The city of Richmond also voted this week, with Victoria all set to vote on the issue tonight in their meeting.