For the Record – Driverless cars and Vancouver’s plan

Owen Simpson – February 11, 2019

ELA tour shuttle being used in Surrey and Vancouver.

ELA /Facebook

The City of Vancouver and Surrey are hopeful for driverless cars coming to the city after they made a pitch for a project to the Federal Infrastructure Canada Smart Cities Challenge was shortlisted for a $50 million fund.

Vancouver and Surrey are hosting a short tour in a driverless shuttle away from traffic for a limited time in efforts to get people interested in the idea they have planned for the future. Many people lost trust in self-driving vehicles after a number of fatal accidents related to them.

We talked to UBC Professor, Dr. Larry Frank who teaches Public Health, Transportation, and the Built Environment as well as Urban Transportation planning. We discussed pro’s and con’s as well as safety and how driverless vehicles will integrate into Vancouver’s infrastructure. Have a listen!