Morning Headlines – January 17th, 2019

Riley Radiuk / January 17, 2019.

Mining site in Africa, similar to where Woodman was abducted from.
(Credit / Wikimedia.Commons)

Kidnapped Canadian found dead in Burkina Faso

Just two days after it was reported a Canadian was kidnapped from a mining site near the border of Niger in Burkina Faso, the man was found dead yesterday.

Kirk Woodman worked for the mining company, which is based out of Vancouver.

The Canadian Government is working with the Burkina Faso Government to find those responsible.

Karen Wang wants back in on the by-election race

After just one day after resigning from the Burnaby-South by-election, Liberal candidate Karen Wang is looking to rejoin the race. However if she does come back, it’s very unlikely it would be as a Liberal candidate after the Liberals declined her reinstatement request.

Wang resigned from the race yesterday after receiving a lot of public feedback for saying a racial statement regarding NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh.

Wang is set to make an announcement at the Burnaby Library at 1pm today.

Karen Wang at her campaign launch in Burnaby on January 14th, 2019.
(@karenxbwang / Twitter)

Sublocade is said to have life changing effects by those who use it.
(Steven Depolo / Flickr)

Health Canada approves Sublocade

Health Canada has approved a drug that is said could really help the opioid crisis.

Sublocade is an injection into the belly once a month that drastically fends off opioid withdrawals.

Sublocade was approved in theU.S. in 2017.